About Us

Why Uvuvi Fishing

Uvuvi Fishing offers affordable fishing solutions for all generations. The products that we offer have been selected for their affordability and quality. 

Our focus is on promoting the sport of fishing to all generations but especially the younger generations as they are the future of the sport. Without them we will have no one fighting for the sport and more especially the conservation of our natural resources and the beauty that encompasses the areas that we get to fish.

This is Our Passion

There is no bigger smile than the smile of catching your first fish. 

Teach Them Young

Teach Them Young is one of the driving ideas of who we are. We firmly believe that the younger generations will be the heroes who continue the conservation of the sport that we love. We are committed to teaching the younger generations an ethical well rounded approach to fishing. We teach fly casting, fly tying, reading the water and most importantly the ethical approach to fishing and handling fish.


Our Core Services

Fishing Tackle

Our Tackle is selected for its quality and affordability for all to be able to enjoy the passion we call fishing.

Local Knowledge

With the Sabie river ten minutes away we have first hand knowledge of what is happening on the river.

Permits available in store only

Teach Them Young

Fly Casting 

Where To Fish

Fly Tying

Ethical Fishing

Professional Services

Reel Spooling

Casting Clinics

Fly Tying Clinics